Ten Self-Portraits

I recently took a ten day self-portraiture class.  We had a prompt for each day, which I have noted below the photographs. Since we posted our photos within a private class page, I wanted to see my images together, as well as have a record of what camera I used and how I edited them.

1. Identity; DSLR, distressed_fx; 2. Relationships; DSLR, distressed_fx; 3. Alternative Space; DSLR, distressed_fx; 4. Metaphor, Symbolism, Object; iPhone, distressed_fx; 5. Body Image; iPhone, slowshutter; 6. Surrogate; iPhone, Hipstamatic; 7. Conversations; DSLR, distressed_fx; 8. Mourning & Loss; DSLR, VSCO; 9. Secrets; DSLR, PicTapGo; 10. Ending & Beginning; DSLR, PicTapGo