We're A Team

Charlie and I now have a regular therapy dog gig.  Every other Monday evening we visit at Ronald McDonald House. 

I have to sit back and take a deep breath even writing this.  It was my goal for a year and a half, training weekly with dedication and humor to make it through each step in Obedience to get here.  Beginner class, Manners and More Level One, Therapy Dog class, Therapy Dog Evaluation.  Finding solutions to his resistance on key commands. 

Twice we have sat with families on Monday evenings at the House.  Most of them are "dog people".  They are missing their dogs at home, and have come to sit for a few minutes with us.  These kids are used to dogs and have put their faces out for Charlie to lick with gentle enthusiasm. 

Parents have fallen in love with him,  rubbing his belly and his ears, looking into his sweet face.  He makes them laugh, and for that I am grateful.  They need that momentary break from their constant attention on their child, who may likely still be groggy and unstable from anesthesia.

Mostly our conversations revolve around dogs.  Theirs at home, different breeds, dogs belonging to relatives.  This week, with Halloween approaching, there was also talk of costumes, and the news from one boy that he would be home by then.