I am a writer and photographer living in Philadelphia with my husband, Michael, my teenage daughter, Olivia, and our two pups, Harry (Cairn Terrier) and Charlie (Labradoodle). 

I began Hearth Arts as a blog when my five year old son, Aaron, was starting kindergarten at a school that supported his multiple disabilities.  He passed away unexpectedly five years ago at age seven.

Creative pursuits, particularly writing and photography, have guided me through missing him daily. 

Aaron loved being outdoors, and I share that pleasure now hiking in the woods with Harry and Charlie, or taking them for long neighborhood walks. 


During the past couple years, I  have shifted from a writer who is learning photography, to a photographer who blogs on instagram. The recent change to a portfolio design on this site is more reflective of my current focus.

This space is new as of August 2014.  All blog posts from hearth-arts.blogspot.com can be found in the menu under "Archives". 

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